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Not sure which pet is the right one for you? Want to know which puppy supplies to get for your cuddly buddy? We can definitely help you! Whether it’s training exercises, common puppy behaviors, or yummy DIY treats, our blog has all you need for the best pet care you can give to your cuddly friend. You can also check our adorable puppies out in action and spreading joy around the community.

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8 Affectionate Puppy Breeds for Families

Some puppies love having their own space. Other puppies would much rather be in your space, peppering you with sweet puppy kisses! You may prefer a puppy that expresses their affection for you in the second way. If so, you may be happy to find out that many puppy breeds love showering their paw-rents with […]

How to Pick the Right Food for Your Puppy

When you welcome a new furry friend into your life, it’s important to feed them the appropriate food that’s specially made to meet their nutritional needs. Depending on the size and breed of your puppy, different nutritional needs must be met so that they get a well-balanced meal and gain weight at an appropriate rate. […]

5 Puppy Breeds for Those with Allergies

It’s been decided—you’re ready to bring a puppy into your life! While we understand you may be excited and eager to have puppy in your arms, there’s one factor you must consider before heading over to one of our Petland locations: allergies. Allergies to dogs are a common reason new puppy parents give back their […]