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Puppies For A Lifetime

To Qualify:

The puppy must be fed a premium petfood for its entire life, along with a vitamin and one other supplement of your choosing. We feed our puppies Georgia’s-own Hi-Tek Rations, but you may choose from any of the brands we offer at Petland of Rome or Petland of Dalton, all of which we believe offer superior nutrition for your dog. For the vitamin and supplement, you may choose from NaturVet VitaPet™ Puppy Plus Breath Aid, NaturVet Glucosamine DS™, and NaturVet Advance Probiotics & Enzymes Plus Vet Strength PB6 Probiotic, as well as other NaturVet and Health Extensions products. You must make these purchases from Petland of Rome or Petland of Dalton once every 90 days.


Petland will provide you with a store credit toward the purchase of another puppy at the time of your pet’s passing. A letter from an accredited veterinarian must be provided which must show that the dog did not pass from neglect or abuse. This program can be used toward a new puppy only and does not cover medications or surgeries of any kind. Petland is not responsible for any medical bills related to your pets passing.

Petland believes in the power of the pet foods, vitamins and supplements we offer, so much so that as long as you keep your new puppy in Petland’s Puppies for a Lifetime Program we will make sure you will ALWAYS have a Petland puppy. Store credit given will be equal to the original purchase price and may only be used to purchase another puppy.

Enrollment in this program is non-transferable between Petland stores or Petland Corporate.

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