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Not sure which pet is the right one for you? Want to know which puppy supplies to get for your cuddly buddy? We can definitely help you! Whether it’s training exercises, common puppy behaviors, or yummy DIY treats, our blog has all you need for the best pet care you can give to your cuddly friend. You can also check our adorable puppies out in action and spreading joy around the community.

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Pet Safety for Winter

Petland Kansas City has put together a list of pet safety tips for winter. For anyone with pets or a new puppy, the winter time holds potential dangers for all pets. Be prepared and keep your furry friend safe by following these helpful tips! DON’T LET YOUR PUPPY EAT SNOW Snow is beautiful! Who doesn’t […]

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Celebrate Christmas with Your New Puppy

It’s that special time of year, the holiday season! As you plan, decorate, and meet all of your holiday commitments, don’t forget about your puppy! This article provides fun tips to celebrate Christmas with your new puppy! HOLIDAY SHOPPING WITH YOUR NEW PUPPY Nowadays, more and more retailers are welcoming dogs into their stores that […]

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How to Raise the Perfect Puppy

Who doesn’t want to raise the perfect puppy? A well-trained and well-behaved puppy is guaranteed to become a great companion dog.  What you don’t want to do is get distracted by your new puppy’s incomprehensible cuteness… And forget to modify his behavior with consistent puppy training… If you want to know how to raise the […]

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Thanks giving Puppy Foods & Fashion

It’s ugly sweater season! Here at Petland Kansas City, we love Thanksgiving and the puppy foods and fashion that go with it! From homemade doggy treats to the perfect “ugly” sweater for puppies, this article will list fun ways to make Thanksgiving special for you and your new puppy. UGLY SWEATERS FOR DOGS & PUPPIES […]

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Spook tacular Puppy Games for Halloween

Who’s excited for Halloween at the end of this month? If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, but you’ve never celebrated the spooktacular festivities with a puppy before, you might be wondering how you should approach the day. Let’s start by saying that puppy games should be at the top of your priority list! Your […]

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Doggy Dos & Don’ts During Rainy Weather

As autumn unfolds, the temperatures drop and rainy weather sets in. For puppy parents, it can be hard to provide your puppy with enough outdoor fun during bad weather. You don’t want to subject your puppy to harsh climates. But you also don’t want to keep him cooped up all day.  This article will go […]

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How to Introduce Your Puppy to the Dog Park

Your puppy’s first trip to the dog park is a huge experience that will surely cause your pup’s excitement to shoot through the roof!  If your puppy has never before encountered or played with other dogs, then the trip could become overwhelming. Without the right preparation, in fact, your puppy may not enjoy the outing, […]


How to Prep Your Dog for a New Baby

Your dog has been an “only child” ever since the day you brought him home as a puppy. But soon a real baby is going to join your fur baby in the household. There are many measures you can take to ensure that your dog welcomes the newborn. And accepts your baby as a worthy […]

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5 Signs Your Puppy is Overheated

Learn the signs that your puppy is overheated by reading this informative article. The summer is fast approaching. As the days grow longer and hotter, an abundance of fun outdoor activities emerge. But for those of you who have recently taken a puppy into your life. And for anyone who’s considering doing so. The hot […]

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