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Not sure which pet is the right one for you? Want to know which puppy supplies to get for your cuddly buddy? We can definitely help you! Whether it’s training exercises, common puppy behaviors, or yummy DIY treats, our blog has all you need for the best pet care you can give to your cuddly friend. You can also check our adorable puppies out in action and spreading joy around the community.

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How to Prep Your Dog for a New Baby

Your dog has been an “only child” ever since the day you brought him home as a puppy. But soon a real baby is going to join your fur baby in the household. There are many measures you can take to ensure that your dog welcomes the newborn and accepts your baby as a worthy […]

5 Signs Your Puppy is Overheated

The summer is fast approaching. As the days grow longer and hotter, an abundance of fun outdoor activities can be had. But for those of you who have recently taken a puppy into your life, and for anyone who’s considering doing so, the hot summer months pose a unique danger to puppies and all pets—overheating.  […]

puppy safety

10 Ways to Relieve Your Puppy’s Boredom

Has your puppy started to let out the low groaning and dissatisfied snorts of boredom? Have you noticed your fur baby whining out his yawns, flopping across your feet, and melodramatically moaning in bored agony? Or perhaps your new furry friend has gotten in the habit of destroying couch cushions, your pillow, or your shoes. […]

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How to Introduce Your New Puppy to Friends, Family & Other Visitors

Dogs treat their owners differently than they treat everyone else. This is due to their loyal, “pack” nature. A well-behaved dog that knows when to protect the home versus when to accept new faces can make your life easier and your guests feel welcome.  You can teach your puppy the etiquette of meeting and greeting […]

puppy training

How to Keep Your Puppy Safe Around Water

Spring is in the air! If it doesn’t seem that way in Kansas City, rest assured that no matter what the weather looks like today, spring is without a doubt right around the corner! And summertime is hot on its tail! The warm weather months bring fun in the sun and playtime around water, which […]

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puppy safety

8 Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

The decision to get a puppy shouldn’t be taken lightly. Caring for a young, curious, and energetic puppy is a huge responsibility. Feeding, sheltering, and potty training your new pooch is really just the beginning.  New puppy parents quickly learn that training, socializing, and entertaining their fur babies is a highly demanding and never-ending process. […]

new puppy parents

How to Prepare Your Home for a New Puppy

Bringing home a puppy for the first time can be a special but daunting experience for both you and your new furry friend. Your puppy will most likely be nervous and excited. You’ll want to make sure your puppy is as comfortable and safe as possible.  Similar to preparing your home for a new baby, […]

puppy-proofing your house

How to Socialize Your Puppy

Socialization is a major aspect of a puppy’s development, and it won’t happen on its own. Puppy parents need to structure daily time for socialization, and be mindful that the best period to teach your puppy about the world via socialization occurs within the first 16 weeks. After that, it can become difficult to properly […]

puppy socialization

Puppy Anxiety Warning Signs

Anxiety is a normal emotion. No one likes feeling anxious, but the emotion itself serves an important purpose. Anxiety alerts a person to the possibility that something could be seriously wrong, which then compels them to figure it out and fix the underlying issue that is causing the anxiety.  Feeling anxious only becomes unhealthy when […]

puppy anxiety