A Guide to Trick-or-Treating With Your Puppy

Trick-or-treating is such a fun Halloween activity for all family members, including four-legged ones! If you want to take your furry friend on a trick-or-treating trek, it’s super important to prepare as much as you can.

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Halloween is a night full of potential hazards, and your puppy may be done with trick-or-treating as soon as you start. Fortunately, our guide provides quick and simple tips that ensure your puppy’s safety while you’re both out and about. Read on and be sure to coordinate your night to fit your puppy’s needs!

1. Think of your pup’s personality.

Before heading out, take note of your puppy’s personality. Is your pup-friendly and open with strangers? Can they handle the noise? If you know that your furbaby is confident and sociable, feel free to dress them up and take them out. Otherwise, you’re better off leaving your pup alone at home with their favorite treats or toys. 

You may feel as if you’re excluding your pooch from the fun, but don’t worry too much. Your beloved canine will feel relaxed in a familiar space while spooky festivities happen outside. 

2. Bring important items.

Time flies when you’re trick-or-treating, but remember your puppy can become tired after walking a long time. You will need items like water, snacks, toys, and bags during your nightly adventure. Be courteous to your neighbors and make sure to pick up any trash left behind by your pup. You should also make sure your furry friend gets their water break.

3. Check that your pup’s costume is comfy.

Dressing up in costumes is a fun tradition for Halloween. When it comes to your puppy, make sure that their costume fits them just right. It should not be tight, especially around the neck, nor should it restrict their movements. 

Check for any needles and safety pins so that they don’t become injured. Avoid leaving your puppy alone while they have their costumes on. If your puppy isn’t excited about wearing an outfit, just place a bowtie or Halloween bandana on their neck. 

4. Plan out your nightly adventure.

It’s easy to get excited over trick-or-treating, but you may need to make a few stops throughout the night. Walking for long periods of time can take a toll on your pooch, and they may want to leave sooner than you expect. 

If your furbaby is ready to go home, be sure to take them back. Your puppy will appreciate going home to wind down from their trek. We recommend planning out what houses to visit and when to go back home. You should include potty and water breaks in your plans. 

5. Give your pup yummy treats.

Candy and chocolate are a staple of the trick-or-treating tradition. But while we can enjoy these delicious treats, your beautiful puppy cannot. As you walk around your neighborhood, watch out for any candies and chocolates on the floor. Tell your children and relatives to avoid feeding their candy to their puppy, even if they beg. Instead, you can feed your puppy some yummy Halloween-themed dog treats!

There’s no question that trick-or-treating is fun for everyone (well, mostly everyone). It should also be safe and comfortable for your furry friend. When going out, always place your puppy’s needs first. Even if your pooch seems okay with trick-or-treating, many puppies would much rather stay home. Whichever plan you choose, we’re sure that you and your puppy will have the time of your lives this Halloween!

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