5 Ways To Keep Your Puppy Safe This Halloween

Costumes, candy, and jack-o’-lanterns—there are so many things to love about the Halloween season! If you’re a puppy parent, you may feel excited to have your puppy join in on the spooky celebrations. What’s more fun than having your furry friend dress up in a cute costume and indulge in Halloween treats? Well, your puppy may not feel that way.

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For them, the loud noises and strangers with weird costumes can be very unsettling. They may also think the electrical cords and Halloween decor make great chew toys, risking potential injuries. Because Halloween poses many hazards to pups, it’s important for puppy parents to educate themselves and prepare their houses. Here are a few safety tips that will help you keep your furry soulmate safe this Halloween!

1. Keep all chocolate away.

Whether you’re at a costume party or out trick-or-treating, you will likely get a chocolate treat. Sweet and delicious, chocolates are a joy for us to eat, but for our puppy pals, it’s another story. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is extremely toxic for puppies and many other pets. This is due to a compound called theobromine. Humans are able to break down this compound once ingested, but puppies cannot. This causes theobromine to increase to toxic levels in your pup’s body. Just ingesting a considerable amount can make your furry friend suffer from severe reactions, such as vomiting, trembling, and even heart failure. So, this Halloween, make sure all your chocolate is kept hidden away from your cuddly friend.

2. No candy for puppies.

You may think Halloween candy from your trick-or-treating adventures is harmless. If the candies don’t contain any chocolate, it should be safe for your pup…right? Don’t fall for it! It’s true that many candies are chocolate-free, but there’s something else in it that will cause your puppy to become sick: xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar substitute used in many sugar-free bubblegums and other sweets. Like chocolate, just taking a small amount of these sweets can cause your puppy to become sick. They may experience a drop in blood sugar, severe vomiting, and seizures. Even if the candy does not contain xylitol, it still has lots of sugar, leading to a bad tummy ache for your pup. This Halloween, enjoy your Halloween candy and give your puppies a yummy homemade biscuit instead!

3. Light candles in a safe area.

Candles can give your home that famous spooky or autumn aesthetic. Our puppies may let their curiosity get the best of them, and knock over these candles. If you keep lit jack-o’-lanterns around the house, they may stick their heads in and become injured. Place your candles and jack-o’-lanterns in an area you know your puppy won’t reach. 

4. Hideaway extension cords and batteries.

Many Halloween decorations need to be plugged in to turn on and work their aesthetic magic. For a teething puppy, extension cords are the perfect chew toy. Chewing on cords may expose the wires underneath, which can lead to electrical shock and other dangers. Even battery-powered decorations can be life-threatening as batteries can cause burns in your pup’s tummy. Prevent these accidents by hiding all cords, batteries, and wires with duct tape or placing your decoration somewhere else. Keep a close eye on your pup whenever they’re near an extension cord.

5. Make sure the costumes are comfy.

Costumes are one of the best parts about Halloween! And with so many puppy costumes available, why wouldn’t you let your furbaby be part of the fun? Before you dress up your pup, make sure they’re comfortable with wearing a costume. Some puppies may find it stressful or annoying and exhibit anxious behavior. If you notice signs of distress, remove the outfit immediately. Do not try to force it on them as you can make their anxiety worse. Instead, you can have your pup wear a bandana or bowtie as a Halloween getup. If your puppy is calm and happy with a costume on, then make sure it doesn’t restrict them. Their attire should not stop them from moving around normally. It should also not choke or block their hearing or eyesight. Never leave your puppy alone while they have a costume on. 

With the right preparation, Halloween can be a festive time for you and your puppy! Just remember to think of your puppy’s happiness and comfort. You should never force them to wear or do anything they don’t want to do. If your puppy isn’t comfortable going out, place them in a quiet room with their favorite toys. Whether they join you for trick-or-treating or stay home, we hope you and your furbaby have a fun and safe Halloween!

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