5 Funny Halloween Costumes For Your Puppy

Halloween is right around the corner! It’s time to put up your skeleton decorations, attend pumpkin patches, and of course, pick out creepy costumes! Your puppy doesn’t need to be left behind in the spooky festivities—there are so many costumes to choose from.

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If you can’t decide between a cute or creepy costume for your pup, pick a funny one instead! Here are 5 puppy costumes that are sure to gain a few laughs this Halloween:

1. Taco

Is your pup a foodie just like you? Consider dressing them up in a yummy costume. Many food-related costumes for puppies are donuts and pizza. And while these are deliciously adorable, we think you should try something a little different this year! A taco costume is not hilarious, but it’ll also make your pup want to bite into their outfit.

2. Superheroes

When it comes to your puppy, it doesn’t matter if you’re for Marvel or DC. Having your furry friend dressed as DC favorites like Batman or Marvel’s Thor will surely make you laugh. The best thing about superhero costumes is that most people will likely recognize their getup. Superheroes are super popular these days. And they aren’t going away! You can also opt for old cartoon favorites like Underdog

3. Other Animals

There’s just something so funny about a puppy dressed as another animal. Think about it. What’s funnier than your pup dressed as a lion or rabbit? Whichever costume you pick, your pup will be a conversation starter—that’s for sure! If you have a cat, you can even dress them up, and take a memorable photo!

4. Beanie Babies

Remember those cute plush toys from the ’90s? Beanie babies are super cute! And they make perfect costumes for your cuddly furbaby. Simple and affordable, all you need is to print out the iconic “TY” tag online or DIY it and put it on your puppy’s collar. Not only will your friends and guests gush over your furry friend, but they’ll also give a few laughs.

5. Banana

Classic yet funny, a banana dog costume will certainly turn a few heads at a Halloween party. Most banana costumes come as a one-piece, fit-for-all suit so your pup will feel comfy. Just make sure your pup doesn’t mistake its costume for food; we know how realistic some getups look!

Make sure your puppy is comfortable with the costumes you dress them in. If your puppy isn’t feeling comfortable in their outfit, don’t stress them out. Check that their costumes fit them well and that you can take it off easily. Never leave your puppy alone with their outfit on in case of any emergency. Other cute costume options are a bowtie or a bandana. You can also have them wear bunny ears or another accessory. Whatever you pick, we know you and your puppy will have an awesome Halloween!

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