Top Dog Breeds for Families

Petland Kansas City has the top dog breeds for families. We pride ourselves on matching families of all sizes with excellent family dogs. But if you’ve just embarked on your puppy finding journey, you first need to know which breeds are the best for children.  Allow us to introduce Petland’s 10 best puppy breeds for […]

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Petland Kansas City has the top dog breeds for families. We pride ourselves on matching families of all sizes with excellent family dogs. But if you’ve just embarked on your puppy finding journey, you first need to know which breeds are the best for children. 

Allow us to introduce Petland’s 10 best puppy breeds for families with children!


A little girl sits nose to nose with her new yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, one of the top dog breeds for families.

For the past thirty years, the Labrador Retriever purebred dog breed has ranked within the top 5 family dogs in every town and city in America! This medium-sized, energetic breed loves children. Labs are considered the easiest dog breed to train, too. They are also a top recommendation to first time dog owners. Their eager-to-please attitude, affectionate demeanor, and overall enthusiasm for life will melt your heart!

Labrador Retrievers love spending time with their families and playing. They tend to be gentle and protective of their families. As a high energy breed, Labradors love going for walks, runs, and hikes with their families. They’re also swimmers! Labs are a match made in heaven for families that are active.

Come into Petland to meet our Labrador Retriever puppies for sale in Overland Park, Kansas!


A blonde 4 year old girl pats a sleeping English Bulldog puppy while they lie on a gray rug at home.

English Bulldogs have a personality that is unlike any other breed. They can be outstandingly courageous at times. And at other times, they’re too lazy to lift a paw, even when they’re invited to do things they want to do. English Bulldogs are known for their hilarious sound effects. From their constant muttering, chronic farting, and jack-hammar snoring, it’s like having grandpa as your furry friend! 

They’re remarkable with children, though. That’s why they made it onto our list of best family dog breeds for children. And who wouldn’t fall in love that grumpy, “sourmug” face? 

Thanks to their mellow, affectionate, and often sleepy temperament, English Bulldogs make great companions for busy families that might not be home much, since this breed does fairly well when left alone. 

Interested in seeing our selection of Bulldogs? We have English Bulldog puppies for sale in Kansas at Petland Kansas City.


A little boy takes his Beagle out for a walk on a sunny day, showing the Beagle to be one of the great dog breeds for families.

Curious, merry, and heart-warming, the lovable Beagle belongs to the hound group of working dogs. Beagles are beloved family dogs that get along with other dog breeds and children of all ages. The high energy level of Beagles and their playfulness along with their small size make them a great match for children. 

Beagles are also active, energetic dogs. They need at least 1 hour of outdoor exercise per day. This breed needs its family to be actively involved in the exercise. For energetic children, adding a Beagle to the home will be a match made in heaven. 

Our Beagle puppies for sale in Kansas are heart-warmingly adorable! Don’t take our word for it, come meet them yourself!


A smiling 7 year old boy hugs his French Bulldog with huge bat ears while they sit on a couch.

Thanks to this dog’s even temperament and small size, the French Bulldog has become one of the most popular purebred dog breeds among families with children that live in apartments and smaller homes. This is thanks to their small stature, as French Bulldogs are small sized dogs with big hearts! 

As far as personalities go, Frenchies are bright, cheerful, and affectionate. Some might even say that their Frenchies have a way of charming them! Though French Bulldogs are alert, inquisitive dogs, this breed will not bark unless it’s absolutely necessary. In this sense, they’re a great match for children, even when your kids rile up your Frenchie with joyful playing. 

One of our all-time favorite dog breeds for families with small children is the French Bulldog. Meet our available French Bulldog puppies for sale in Kansas!


An adorable, fluffy Golden Retriever puppy patiently enjoys being held in the arms of his little girl owner, while she squeezes him in the sunshine.

Are you ready to meet the greatest-of-all-time family dog? The Golden Retriever purebred dog breed has unanimously won the hearts of American families and this faithful, sweet pet has long since been crowned the best dog breed, period. 

Faithful, trustworthy, obedient, and outgoing, Golden Retrievers have a lovable temperament. At home, this dog is companionable, eager-to-please its family, sensitive to the needs and moods of its beloved family, and patient. When taken out, Golden Retrievers are outgoing and friendly, always happy to meet new people and experience new environments. 

Holding true as the #1 family dog breed is the Golden Retriever. We have Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Kansas at Petland Kansas City. 


A happy little boy hugs his Alaskan Malamute puppy outside while they sit in the grass and enjoy the nice weather.

Loyal, playful, and affectionate, the Alaskan Malamute is best known for being a heavy-duty worker! This strong and dignified breed was originally used as an arctic sled dog, which makes sense when you note the physique. Alaskan Malamutes are immensely strong with heavy bones, powerful shoulders, and a thick, rain-and-snow-proof coat. After generations of being born to work in the Alaskan wilderness, these loyal dogs have “responsibility” in their blood.

Alaskan Malamutes are good with young children, great with older children, and good with other dogs, which makes them a great choice for families. This family dog breed needs about 2 hours of steady outdoor exercising. If you and your family love taking longer walks, then adding an Alaskan Malamute will increase the exercise joy!

Meet the breed in person, and see how your children respond to our Alaskan Malamute puppies for sale in Kansas.


A cute little girl with bangs reads a book with her Pug puppy by her side, showing that the Pug is a top dog breed for families with children.

For the not-so-active family, our top choice family dog breed is the lovable Pug! Pugs are real snuggle bums. They would much rather cozy up with you and your kids on the couch than jog for miles. Pugs have a gentle, intuitive demeanor. They’re caring and affectionate, and they only bark when it’s absolutely necessary. Pugs make perfect indoor dogs because of their small size, and their calm, slightly lazy attitude. 

If your children are on the younger side, all the more reason to add a Pug to the family. Pugs are non-aggressive, non-territorial dogs. You can trust your Pug to patiently endure as your toddler learns not to tug on his ears or try to ride him. 

Pug puppies for sale in Kansas can be found at Petland Kansas City. 


A little boy laughs while holding his Poodle in a hammock chair.

Smart, attentive, and eager to please, the Poodle is a wonderful companion dog. Whether you take home a Standard Poodle (large breed dog), a Miniature Poodle (small breed dog), or Toy Poodle (the smallest variety of Poodle), your family will have a true canine companion. Your Poodle will focus on you and your kids with care, compassion, and a willingness to accommodate every family member’s needs. 

Poodles are also the #1 hypoallergenic dog breed. Like all hypoallergenic dog breeds, the Poodle has hair instead of fur. This makes the Poodle our top recommended dog breed for families with allergies and children with sensitivities to pet dander. 

By far, the most popular hypoallergenic dog breed, the Poodle is our top recommendation for children with allergies. Check out our Standard, Miniature, and Toy Poodle puppies for sale in Kansas.


A patient black Goldendoodle enjoys the hug his little boy owner gives him while they play outside.

Another lovable, hypoallergenic dog breed that we often recommend to families with children is the cute, cuddly Goldendoodle! Goldendoodles are a hybrid mix of the Poodle and the Golden Retriever. They have a soft, teddy bear coat of hair. And they’re as gentle as the most docile Golden Retriever. 

If you and your family are considering getting a Goldendoodle puppy, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that this cuddly breed doesn’t need too much exercise. They’re not super high-energy. They require a moderate amount of daily exercise, and the intensity and duration will change as they develop from puppies into full-grown dogs. 

Another trusted hypoallergenic dog breed that’s great with kids, meet Petland Kansas City’s Goldendoole puppies for sale.


An adorable Papillon dog licks his chops, his little furry paws resting on the table where a 12 year old girl wearing an apron is rolling cookie dough.

Last, but certainly not least, is the beautiful, butterfly-like purebred dog breed, the Papillon! Papillon dogs are gentle family pets. They love children of all ages. Papillons are soft, cuddly, and affectionate. As lap dogs, they are happiest when curled up on their favorite person’s lap. They’re also companion dogs. Your Papillon will be more than happy to keep your kids company while they do their homework or watch TV. 

We love to recommend Papillon puppies to families that have domestic house cats. Papillon is a breed you can trust to respect your cats. But your Papillon might seek out your cat to cautiously ask for a snuggle if and when you aren’t around. Papillons love to love, and will make a nice addition to your entire household.

We carry this beautiful, small size dog breed at our location. Meet our Papillon puppies for sale in Overland Park, Kansas. 


As one of the most ethical pet stores in Kansas, Petland Kansas City also carries healthy puppies belonging to the following popular purebred dog breeds:

If you’re wondering how to find ethical dog breeders in Kansas, look no further than Overland Park, KS. We have a full range of puppies for sale in Kansas. Whether you’re looking for the best emotional support dogs, small dog breeds, medium sized dogs, or simply want to find a puppy that will melt your heart, Petland Kansas City is a trusted name in ethical pet retailers. 

Learn more about our American Kennel Club certified puppies, and our in-store American Kennel Club registration process. Our pet counselors will register your new purebred puppy with the American Kennel Club before you leave our store.  



Among ethical puppy sellers in Kansas, Petland Kansas City is the leading name. We faithfully uphold Petland’s high standards of animal welfare. And we only work with ethical dog breeders in Kansas and across the country that meet and maintain our criteria. Thanks to our steadfast dedication, we can guarantee you take home a healthy puppy. Check out our Puppy For a Lifetime Promise

Thanks for stopping by our blog, and we hope to see you soon in Petland Kansas City!

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