Top 5 Guard Dog Breeds

Dogs are known for their fierce loyalty and protectiveness over members of their “pack.” But while some cuddly canines are natural watchdogs, others are full-on guard dogs. Guard dogs will not only alert you of outside threats through barks, but they will also attack if needed.

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If you’re interested in upping your home security with a guard dog, look no further! On this blog, we list 5 of the best dog breeds that guard your home to the fullest.

1. Giant Schnauzer 


Sporting that beautiful wiry beard and those thick lashes, Giant Schnauzers are good-looking and affectionate dogs that will do anything to keep their families safe. Giant Schnauzers have strong territorial instincts that are usually seen in many terrier breeds. They’re also quite large, standing at 25.5-27.5 inches tall. And like their “wise old man” look, these furry cuties are extremely intelligent and loyal to their families. Giant Schnauzers, like their miniature and standard cousins, are willing to go above and beyond to guard their homes. Because of their intelligence, these pooches can be trained to be friendly towards guests. They will need lots of exercises and play sessions to stay happy and fit.

2. German Shepherd

Petland Kansas picture of German Shepherd standing and looking straight in the camera.

Another loyal breed, German Shepherds are the ideal guard dog for any home due to their obedience and trainability. As long as you use positive training, you will never have much trouble with a German Shepherd. They’re loving and affectionate with their families but aloof with strangers. They’re large enough to intimidate any potential intruders. They also have a menacing look that lets others know they mean business. German Shepherds are energetic and active so they need consistent activity to be happy in their homes. Overall, this breed lives to please you and protect your humble home.

3. Rottweiler

Petland Kansas picture of Rottweiler staring at the camera.

Just looking at a Rottweiler can make an intruder think twice before breaking into a home. Their large, bulky build and fearless expression gives this breed the respect it deserves. While their threatening look may frighten strangers, Rottweilers are far from mean—at least with their families! They’re very sweet, affectionate, and often silly dogs that love being around their fur-parents. Due to their protective personalities, Rottweilers may be aloof with strangers and unfamiliar guests. They’re not as aggressive as portrayed in films, though they can become fierce if there’s a threat. With enough training, a Rottweiler can live happily while protecting a home.

4. Doberman Pinscher

Petland Kansas picture of Doberman Pinscher sitting on leaves and staring at camera.

Doberman Pinschers are fearless and alert dogs that are quick to guard their homes. This breed possesses an elegant, sleek physique that’s built for speed and endurance. Once bonded to a family, Doberman Pinschers will do all they can to protect them. Dobermans are very vigilant and determined, ready to give all they’ve got for any activity. Dobermans are easily trainable and are fantastic around children. These lovely dogs are highly energetic, requiring activity and exercise to stay mentally and physically sound. Their strong protective instincts make Dobermans easy picks as military and police dogs. 

5. Chow Chow 

Petland Kansas picture of Chow Chow standing in the park on green grass.

Chow Chows look like fluffy little teddy bears, but beware, they’re tougher than you think. These pooches are serious and highly protective pooches—they don’t enjoy being fooled with. They’re especially reserved with people and animals they don’t personally know. Their natural guarding instincts and temperamental natures comes from their ancestors, who were once used as guard dogs in royal palaces in Asia. They are serene and loyal to their masters, often displaying small hints of affection. They tend to be very clean canines, rarely giving off smelly body odor. Chow Chows can be stubborn, so training must have positive reinforcement like treats and praises. Be patient, and your little munchkin will learn the rules of the house. 

Many breeds have an inherent need to protect their fellow loved ones from any threat they see. Dogs are man’s best friend, after all. However, it’s essential to observe signs of overprotectiveness from your pooch as this can lead to dog bites and attacks. The best way to prevent overprotective behavior from your furry friend is to train and socialize them early. We hope this list helps you find the best guard dog for your home!

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