Owning a Labrador Retriever

Of all the trusted family dog breeds out there, Petland Kansas City most often recommends the Labrador Retriever to first-time dog owners. This is because owning a Labrador Retriever is easy overall.  Labrador Retrievers are known for their intelligence, eager-to-please attitude, trainability, and very outgoing, energetic, and friendly personality. To help you decide if getting […]

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Of all the trusted family dog breeds out there, Petland Kansas City most often recommends the Labrador Retriever to first-time dog owners. This is because owning a Labrador Retriever is easy overall. 

Labrador Retrievers are known for their intelligence, eager-to-please attitude, trainability, and very outgoing, energetic, and friendly personality. To help you decide if getting a Labrador Retriever puppy will be right for you and your family, we’ve drawn a picture to show you what it’s like to own a lovable Lab!

A beautiful European family sits on the sunny grass with their Labrador Retriever in Sweden.


Labrador Retrievers have ranked within the top 5 dog breeds for families in America for the past 30 years. There are many reasons Labs are so popular among families. In a nutshell, their friendly temperament, eagerness to learn and please their owners during puppy training, and their high energy levels make them ideal family pets. Let’s take a look.

Labrador Retrievers are friendly and outgoing. These non-aggressive, non-territorial dogs are known for being sweet-natured and enthusiastic about life. Labs love spending time with their families and playing. This can be a great solution for high energy children. Your Labrador Retriever will give your kids a run for their money! They’re especially fond of young children. A good play session outside with the kids will have everyone tired out in an hour. Giving Mom and Dad a chance to enjoy a quiet evening once all is said and done.

As a high energy breed, Labradors love going for jogs, hikes, and other outdoor adventures with their owners. They belong to the “Sporting Group” of canines, and they’re swimmers! If you and your family love to go camping, your Lab will fit right in! Labs are a match made in heaven for people and families that are active. If you’re a jogger, if you like to go for hikes, fishing, swimming, and camping, a Labrador Retriever is a breed that will definitely keep up.  

A happy family of four jogs on the beach with their chocolate Labrador Retriever to show that owning a Labrador Retriever is easy for active families.


As medium-to-large size dogs, Labrador Retrievers need space to run. And they can seem bigger than their true size thanks to their energy. With so much energy, a Labrador will need at least 1 hour of rigorous outdoor exercise per day. And with all that exercise, a Lab can develop quite an appetite!

This breed burns a lot of energy running around and therefore must consume a lot of highly nutritious, protein-rich dog food to compensate. You’ll probably never see an overweight Labrador Retriever. The dietary needs associated with owning a Labrador Retriever are a cost to consider. 

The exercise requirements of a Lab should also be a major consideration before you buy a Labrador Retriever. A Labrador will be happiest if its owner or family takes him for jogs and long walks every day with a hearty game of fetch added for fun. Labrador Retrievers who do not exercise enough can develop destructive and “hyper” behaviors.

A great trick to help your Lab get enough exercise is to have him play with other dogs. Bring him to the dog park or arrange doggy play dates with other dog owners in your area. A half-hour of playtime with other dogs will tire your Lab out faster than a 2-hour game of fetch. The reason for this is, when dogs play together, they’re using their minds far more than when they play fetch with people. Dogs like to wrestle, out run each other, and are always trying to “calculate” how to out-maneuver each other. This brings an element of mental stimulation to physically playing that effectively exhausts dogs. 

Petland Kansas City only recommends Labrador Retriever puppies to individuals and families who already lead active lifestyles. If you’re prepared to exercise with your dog and devote time and energy to playing fetch and other games, and bringing your Lab to the dog park, your Lab will be very happy.  

A beautiful woman holding her baby sits in a field of dandelions and holds the paw of her obedient Labrador Retriever.


Labrador Retrievers are natural born learners. As “people pleasers,” Labs really enjoy the puppy training process. It’s a source of bonding for them! Labradors are quick learners, but with all that energy, it could be challenging to get them to focus. 

We recommend that you train your Lab puppy with basic commands daily, but keep the training sessions short, between 5 – 10 minutes. Rewarding your Lab with puppy treats when he shows obedience will speed up the process. Labs also love agility courses. By using an agility course, you can train your Labrador Retriever with more complex commands. 

Socialization is another aspect of puppy development that plays into puppy training. Owners of Labrador Retriever puppies should expose their Lab to new people, places, and things, and especially new dogs. Labs are naturally friendly, and as the owner you can train your puppy to respond and behave well when it’s socializing with new people, children, and other dogs. 


All Petland puppies purchased at Petland Kansas City can participate in our free 6-week puppy training class. New Petland puppy parents who take advantage of this basic training course experience benefits that will last a lifetime. Not only will your puppy have fun at our training site, bonding with you and learning commands, but your puppy will get a chance to meet the other puppies and owners in the class. This provides an added layer of socialization to aid your puppy’s development. A Petland Kansas City puppy can quickly develop into a perfect puppy when enrolled in our free puppy training class!

10 Facts About Labrador Retrievers

  1. Labrador Retrievers come in 3 colors—chocolate, yellow, and black
  2. They belong to the American Kennel Club’s “Sporting” group of dog breeds
  3. Their temperament is friendly, social, and tolerant
  4. Labrador Retrievers have a ton of energy as high energy dogs
  5. They stand between 22 – 24 inches tall, from paw to shoulder
  6. They weigh between 55 – 80 lbs, with the males being larger than the females
  7. Their life expectancy is between 11 – 13 years
  8. Labrador Retrievers have been deemed the easiest dog breed to train
  9. This dog breed is one of the top dog breeds for families with children
  10. Labrador Retrievers can eat a ton of food thanks to their high metabolism!
A happy all-American family sits on their living room couch with their smiling yellow Labrador Retriever at their feet to show that owning a Labrador Retriever is a joy for families with children.


Of course, you’ll find Labrador Retriever puppies for sale at Petland Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas. We also carry other popular purebred dog breeds, including:

All of Petland Kansas City’s purebred puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club. Ask to see the pedigree certifications for our healthy purebred puppies. Petland Kansas City is committed to full transparency when it comes to the pedigree documents, veterinarian records, and breeding facilities for the puppies we sell in Kansas

Our Overland Park location is near Missouri. And we have a trusted name within the ethical dog breeding community that draws customers and responsible dog owners from Missouri and other states. We pride ourselves on getting individuals and families started with their first puppies. Our caring pet counselors have a passion for matching customers with the best dog breeds for them

Whether you’re someone who needs the best dog breed for jogging, the best family dog breed, or the best emotional support dog breed, our staff will introduce you to the options, facilitate your meeting with our available puppies, and supply you with the knowledge you need to know to live a happy life with your Petland puppy.  Check out our Perks, Cares, and Special Financing web pages to learn more!

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