Jack Russell Terrier: A Puppy You’ll Forever Love

Energetic, inquisitive, and caring, the Jack Russell Terrier is a puppy you’ll love forever. This small-sized breed has a larger than life personality thanks to the “terrier” dog group it belongs to. Terriers are known for their feisty and energetic nature. And this breed certainly fits that description. In this blog, you’ll learn about all […]

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Energetic, inquisitive, and caring, the Jack Russell Terrier is a puppy you’ll love forever. This small-sized breed has a larger than life personality thanks to the “terrier” dog group it belongs to. Terriers are known for their feisty and energetic nature. And this breed certainly fits that description. In this blog, you’ll learn about all the classic characteristics of this lovable dog breed. And why you should take home a Jack Russell Terrier.

A cute Jack Russell Terrier puppy looks over his shoulder as he ventures through the woods.


Anyone who has encountered a Terrier will tell you. This purebred is “larger than life.” yet, this breed is technically a “small size” dog. Yet, they don’t act small and the result is that they don’t seem small. With a strong, muscular body and endless energy, this dog can jump like a cat. Sprint like a cheetah. And do back-flips off the side of your house… if trained. 

The average Jack Russell Terrier stands at 10 – 12 inches tall from paw to shoulder. And weighs between 9 – 15 lbs. But don’t let those stats fool you. A Terrier has enough boundless energy to greet you with a kiss on your mouth when you get home. And you won’t have to stoop down. That’s right. The average Jack Russell can jump 5 feet in the air!

This bouncy breed has short, wiry hair, and though Jack Russells shed moderately, your home won’t be covered in hair. This dog has a white body with brown patches over the top of its head and eyes. It also has other brown and dark brown splotches on its body. They have a strong, proud chest, and an alert, poised look about them. Though small in stature, this breed is also known for its athletic endurance and can run far distances easily. 

A Jack Russell Terrier with a red collar lays on a white bed.


The primary personality trait of this feisty breed is a willingness to work. This dog breed was originally bred to hunt foxes, and so to this day the Terrier possesses a deeply ingrained need to hunt critters. If you take home a Jack Russell Terrier, don’t be surprised if your puppy takes it upon himself to rid your yard of rodents and your house of spiders! 

This hard-working dog breed is also known for digging, which is another hereditary characteristic that developed during their hunting days. Your dog will be able to hear rabbits and other underground rodents, and won’t hesitate to dig them out!

We recommend to anyone who gets a Jack Russell Terrier that they should introduce complex task-based training as part of their housebreaking and puppy training efforts. Jack Russell Terriers are smart and owners train most effectively when they channel their puppies’ energy into jobs that their dog can do. For example, if you’re raking leaves, have your Terrier collect all of the sticks and larger debris from the yard into a pile for you. 


An adult Jack Russell is ready to hunt game in the forest.

The Jack Russell Terrier dog breed was produced when a reverend in southern England named John Russell who wanted to develop a fox-hunting terrier that could keep up with hounds but also go after foxes and other game that tried to burrow underground where the hounds couldn’t reach them. In the mid-1800s, John Russell perfected the fox-hunting breed that is now known as the Jack Russell Terrier. 

The original breed was then introduced to Australia shortly thereafter. And it’s via Australians that this breed gained popularity and traction. The world today has Jack Russell Terriers thanks to the Australians that bred and exported this lively dog breed. 

This dog breed is so intelligent, in fact, that it soon gained respectable employment acting in Hollywood movies and TV shows. Among the most famous Jack Russell Terrier appearances are “Moose” on the popular TV show of the 90s Frasier, and “Milo” in the beloved comedy movie, The Mask, starring Jim Carrey.  

At a puppy training facility, a dog obediently sits on his hind legs to receive his dog treat reward.


Training your Jack Russell Terrier should be considered both an art and a labor of love. Yes, they are very trainable thanks to their high intelligence. But their high energy levels can work against you if the training sessions aren’t mentally stimulating and entertaining for your Jack Russell Terrier. This dog breed gets bored easily, and if the training is basic, repetitive, and not mentally stimulating, your Jack Russell Terrier won’t participate for long. 

The best course of action to use when training your Terrier is of course to teach him basic commands, but incorporate those into more complex tasks, activities, and games. Using positive reinforcement during training, such as treats, is recommended, but don’t be surprised if your Jack Russell Terrier thinks your praise is reward enough. Remember, this breed is capable of learning where to walk on stage, where to sit, and where to look, in order to keep up with professional actors. That’s an example of the high level of complexity you can use to train your Jack Russell Terrier.

A Jack Russell puppy holds a colorful ball in his mouth.


Jack Russell Terriers are best suited for individuals and families that like to stay active outside. This dog breed is not the leisurely type, and though relaxing on the couch is certainly appreciated, the Terrier will only enjoy long cuddle sessions on the couch if it’s the result of hours of rigorous play outside. 

If you and your family are heading out for a bike ride, bring your Jack Russell. Unlike other breeds that get tired after jogging, your Terrier won’t be at risk for needing to be carried after a certain mileage. Likewise, if you’re going for a run, a family hiking trip, or any other sporty activity. These dogs are also good swimmers, so be sure to bring your Jack Russell if you’re planning a day at the lake. 

On average, this dog breed will need 90 minutes of high-endurance, high-quality exercise every day. This is in addition to their bathroom outings and morning walk around the block. 


Jack Russell Terriers are among the easiest dogs to groom. Thanks to their short, smooth coat, they only need a weekly brushing to strip away loose hair. During the colder months, you may find that you do not need to brush your dog even this much. Best of all, your Terrier won’t need to be bathed and professionally groomed more than twice a year. This level of grooming is really to address clipping your dog’s nails, cleaning his ears, and washing his coat of fur. 

This breed has two coats of hair, a top coat that’s wiry or “rough,” and an undercoat. This dog breed’s skin produces healthy oils that help its coat to repel water. For this reason, you shouldn’t bathe your Terrier more often than twice a year or else you’ll risk irritating or damaging his skin.


Are you ready to bring home a lively and personable Jack Russell Terrier? Petland Kansas City has cute, healthy Terriers that you can meet in person or by visiting our available puppies page. Our Jack Russell Terriers are confident, highly intelligent, and faithful. These perky puppies view life as a great adventure. Your puppy from Petland Kansas City will remain devoted and loving to you for his lifetime. Stop by our Overland Park location to meet your next forever love puppy!

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