How To Exercise Your Puppy Indoors

Exercise is an essential part of a puppy’s health. Apart from helping your fur-baby stay physically fit, it also gives them the mental stimulation needed to keep them happy. Sometimes, however, the weather isn’t so great, forcing you and your pup to stay indoors.

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Many puppies need their daily dose of exercise or they become stressed. To keep your puppy entertained, make sure to engage them in exercise while you’re inside the house. On this blog, we discuss a few ways you can exercise your pup during bad weather—let’s take a look!

  1. Start a game with your furry friend. Hide-and-seek, scavenger hunts, and fetch are just some of the many fun games your puppy can play with you! When it comes to a scavenger hunt, grab your pup’s favorite treats and hide them in reachable places. Make sure your puppy is watching you as you hide their treats so they understand what they’re supposed to do. To play hide-and-seek, just distract your furry friend with a little treat and hide in a location that your puppy can find you. 
  2. Take the time to train your pup. Since you’re both indoors, you can engage your puppy mentally through training. Try teaching your furry friend basic commands or expert tricks. By training your little pooch to roll over and lay down, you give the skills they need to become well-adjusted adult dogs. It’s not exactly strenuous exercise like exercise but your puppy will benefit from learning some new tricks!
  3. Create a cool obstacle course. Indoor exercise is more exciting when there’s a twist to it. With an obstacle course, you can help build your pup’s agility and obedience skills—all while having fun! There are numerous agility and obstacle course supplies available for you to set up yourself.
  4. Test your puppy’s sniffing ability. You may already know that your puppy’s nose is powerful. Why not put it to the test? With an obstacle course, you can encourage your puppy to use their sense of smell to find their favorite treats. You can also create scavenger hunts with the most delicious treats you can find or make—your puppy certainly won’t be complaining!

Remember that your puppy is young and does not need as much exercise as an adult dog. Usually, a brief walk or a game of fetch outside is enough, and the same rule should be applied indoors. Before you engage your puppy in an indoor exercise, take their age into consideration and limit their time. Be patient, considerate, and most of all, have fun! We hope these tips help you and your furry friend bond together during bad weather.

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