Fun Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your Puppy

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays of the year. It’s a time spent with family and friends while eating a delicious meal—and your puppy should definitely be a part of it!

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Turkey Day preparations are often hectic and time-consuming, which may cause your pup to feel distressed. You may be tempted to leave your puppy inside a room away from all the noise and toxic foods but this may not be such a good idea.

Puppies thrive on companionship and social interaction. Being locked away alone for hours will only stress them out, leading them to destructive behavior. This Thanksgiving, don’t leave your puppy behind; have them join in! Take a look at our following tips on celebrating Turkey Day with your furry friend!

1. Have your puppy meet your guests.

The first step to a puppy-filled Thanksgiving is introducing them to your guests. This helps calm down any anxieties your loved ones may have about your pup. And your puppy will, in turn, learn who they can trust. Let your guests know how they can approach and greet your pooch when they arrive. If there are any children coming over, tell them to avoid greeting your furry friend in an overly excited manner. You should also ensure that your puppy has been socialized to be around large crowds and strangers.

2. Put a costume on your puppy.

For us, dressing up is an essential part of getting ready. Your puppy should also look their best too! Place a snazzy little bowtie or bandana around their necks. If you know your puppy likes to wear outfits, you can also look for Thanksgiving-themed dog clothes. Pilgrim and turkey costumes are also available for your puppy to wear!

3. Encourage your puppy to join an activity.

Your puppy may feel bored or left out, especially if they aren’t getting any Thanksgiving dinner. One fun activity you can do with your furry cutie includes cuddling with them as you watch the Thanksgiving parade on TV. Puppies love cuddles with their family members so they likely won’t complain when you bring them onto the couch. If the younger guests are playing outside, encourage them to let your puppy join in. Stary a dog-friendly game like fetch or run-and-chase so that your guests have fun too! Any game can make an evening of boredom feel great.

4. Do not feed Thanksgiving food to your puppy.

Turkey, gravy, and pie are a huge part of the Thanksgiving celebration. Unfortunately, your puppy can’t eat many of the foods served on your plate without getting sick. Before every Thanksgiving, be sure to review the list of foods your furry friend can and can’t eat. That way, you’ll be prepared before something is fed to them. Let family members and friends know to ignore those sweet puppy dog eyes. If a loved one wants to give your pup a little treat, have them give your furry friend a healthy DIY treat!

5. Start a post-dinner routine.

After Thanksgiving dinner, what do you usually do? Watch TV or talk to your loved ones? Take a walk around the neighborhood? If your puppy isn’t taking a nap, we recommend engaging them in a post-dinner routine, especially one that burns off calories. Play with your puppy by using their favorite toys or head outside for a jog or walk around the neighborhood. 

This Thanksgiving, you can ensure your puppy isn’t left behind by including them in your festivities. If you have time, try cooking your furry friend their very own Thanksgiving meal (make sure to only include healthy dog-friendly foods). We hope you and your puppy have a wonderful Turkey Day!

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