Best Hybrid Dog Breeds for Families

Hybrid dog breeds have risen in popularity. There are many benefits to bringing home a hybrid puppy. The biggest benefit is that since most hybrid dog breeds have one Poodle parent, hybrid puppies tend to be hypoallergenic, or very close to it. Some of the best family dogs are hybrids. Hybrid dog breeds can be small […]

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Hybrid dog breeds have risen in popularity. There are many benefits to bringing home a hybrid puppy. The biggest benefit is that since most hybrid dog breeds have one Poodle parent, hybrid puppies tend to be hypoallergenic, or very close to it. Some of the best family dogs are hybrids. Hybrid dog breeds can be small dog breeds or medium sized dogs.

Read on to learn about Petland Kansas City’s favorite hypoallergenic hybrid dog breeds for families with children!


An Aussiedoodle stands on the beach near a jetty of rocks.

This hybrid dog breed is outgoing, sweet, patient, and devoted to their family. Aussiedoodles make a great addition to households with children and other pets. The Aussiedoodle loves spending time with its family. Whether they’re running around outside with the kids or snuggling on the couch during movie night, Aussiedoodles are enthusiastic about life! But what purebred dogs created the Aussiedoodle? The Australian Shepherd and the Poodle! 

Fun facts about Aussiedoodles is that this beautiful breed is among the best dog breeds for kids, the best dog breeds for families, and is also ranked as one of the best emotional support dogs!

A cute Maltipoo sits in its owner's lap inside, to show one of many hybrid dog breeds for families.


What do you get when you cross a Mini Poodle with a purebred Maltese? The cute Maltipoo! Maltipoos are small to medium-sized dogs. They have a cheerful disposition and a trusting attitude. Maltipoos are perky, playful, and very affectionate with their families. This hybrid dog breed has hypoallergenic hair, which makes the Maltipoo a great choice for families with children that have sensitivities to dog fur and pet dander.

A beautiful Goldendoodle relaxes with its favorite teddy bears, as one of several hybrid dog breeds for families that stem from the purebred Poodle dog breed.


A Goldendoodle is a combination of two purebred dogs, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. In recent years, Goldendoodles have quickly risen in popularity. It’s no surprise since their parent dog, the Golden Retriever, has been the #1 family dog breed for almost 100 years! Goldendoodles bring a little bit more to the table than their Golden Retriever parents, however. They’re more intelligent, and best of all they’re close to being hypoallergenic. Some Goldendoodles are in fact fully hypoallergenic. 

A tall Labradoodle sits on the rocky shores of a beach in the sunshine, as one of the top hybrid dog breeds for families with children.


The hypoallergenic dog breed, Labradoodle, is a mix of Labrador Retriever and Poodle. Labradoodles might look like Goldendoodles, but Labradoodles are bigger in size than Goldendoodles, and they have a lot more energy. For families with more space at their home, including a backyard, we often recommend Labradoodles. Unlike Goldendoodles who can feel comfortable with less space, the Labradoodle really needs more room to zoom! 

A little boy smiles with his arm around a large, black Goldendoodle hybrid dog breed.


You probably noticed that all of the hybrid hypoallergenic dog breeds on our list have one Poodle parent. The purebred, hypoallergenic Poodle dog breed passes down more than just hypoallergenic hair DNA. Hybrid dogs with a Poodle parent are also intelligent, sensitive, compassionate, and obedient. Many people don’t know that Poodles are often used as service dogs, just like Golden Retrievers. 

Not only does Petland Kansas City sell all of the hybrid puppies we covered in this article, we also have Poodle puppies for sale in Kansas City. Come to our Overland Park pet store in Kansas to meet our puppies for sale

Bring home a Goldendoodle, Maltipoo, Labradoodle, Cavapoo, or Aussiedoodle and start a new journey with your family. A new Poodle hybrid puppy is easy to train. And your new hypoallergenic puppy pal will love, protect, and serve each member of your family, including you!

The Petland Promise

Petland Kansas City is committed to breeding and selling healthy, happy puppies. You will have the perfect puppy when you take home a hypoallergenic puppy from Petland Kansas City. Find a puppy at Petland Kansas City by visiting the Available puppies page.  

Visit the Petland Cares section of our website to learn about the ethical dog breeders in Kansas and the U.S. that we work with. We only partner with purebred dog breeders that meet Petland Kansas City’s high standard of responsible dog breeding and human animal welfare practices. Our standards far exceed U.S. regulations. In fact, we are considered the #1 name for ethical pet stores and ethical puppy sellers in Kansas!

The value of a Petland puppy cannot be understated. Petland Kansas City is dedicated to ensuring the long-term health and happiness of our puppies and the families that take them home. Our veterinarian associates examine our puppies twice a week to maintain their health, administer vaccinations, and run diagnostic tests if ailments are suspected. 

When you take home a Petland Kansas City puppy, you are guaranteed the paperwork that proves their health, vaccination and deworming records, and we provide warranties. Petland Kansas City will also replace your puppy at no cost if an unforeseeable sickness, disease, or congenital issue causes its passing. 

The Value of a Petland Puppy Includes:

1) All of our puppies come from the Top U.S.D.A. Licensed Breeders with no direct violations.

2) We provide one Complimentary FREE Exam at Overbrook Veterinarian Clinic, courtesy of Petland Kansas City.

3) A Health Certificate showing up-to-date vaccinations and deworming treatments.

4) A 14-day viral / bacterial warranty for each of our puppies.

5) An exclusive, extended 10-Year Hereditary / Congenital warranty on all of our puppies.

6) We provide our Puppy for a Lifetime program. This means we will provide you with a puppy for the rest of your life! Ask a Pet Counselor for more details.

7) We have a veterinarian in our store twice a week.

Our standards go far beyond animal welfare promises and ethical dog breeding practices. All of our purebred puppies are American Kennel Club certified and American Kennel Club registered, which you can verify prior to purchasing a Petland puppy.

What are you waiting for? Come meet the puppy breeds for sale in Overland Park, Kansas! 

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