Best Dog Breeds for Runners

The best dog breeds for runners are at Petland Kansas City! Jogging is great exercise. For many of us, it can be far easier to work out with a buddy than to go alone. But what if your circle of friends and family doesn’t include an avid jogging enthusiast? Have you considered getting a furry […]

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The best dog breeds for runners are at Petland Kansas City! Jogging is great exercise. For many of us, it can be far easier to work out with a buddy than to go alone. But what if your circle of friends and family doesn’t include an avid jogging enthusiast? Have you considered getting a furry friend who would love to be your running partner?

Dog breeds that are suited for distance running can make the best jogging partners. Unlike people who can be fickle, a high-energy dog is always up for a run. Read on for the best dog breeds for runners, and you’ll also learn about these breeds’ temperament, personality, and what they’ll be like at home. 

A sleek grey Weimaraner dog breed runs on a seaside pier.


The Weimaraner is a sleek, lean, medium-sized dog breed, belonging to the working group of dogs. Originally, the Weimaraner worked as a hunting dog. Weimaraners chased after wild boar in the plains and forests of Germany. This speaks to the Weimaraner’s stamina. This dog breed makes the top of our list because Weimaraners are the ideal long-distance running dog breed. There have even been cases of Weimaraners accompanying their owners on marathon runs!

This dog breed loves to run. We recommend Weimaraners to customers who enjoy distance running. Cross-country runners, and even for people who fancy a long walk or hike, will find a true friend in a Weimaraner dog. With a Weimaraner by your side, you can easily run for an hour or more without worrying that your jogging partner will get tired, thirsty, or injured from the natural impact to the joints that comes with running. 

Weimaraners for Sale in Kansas City at Petland

At home, the Weimaraner is affectionate and lovey-dovey. This breed loves its family and displays a nurturing, gentle attitude towards older children. With a general friendliness and openness to strangers, the Weimaraner will enjoy meeting your guests when you have people over. Weimaraners tend to be mellow at home, but only if their exercise requirements are satisfied. As an active jogger, you won’t have a problem meeting these needs. Whether you’re a morning jogger who takes their Weimaraner out for that half hour run before breakfast, or an even jogger who likes to hit the trail for a few hours with your furry friend, you and your Weimaraner will be a match made in heaven! 

As a hunting dog with high-energy and a natural instinct to hunt, Weimaraners are best for people who don’t have other pets. We don’t recommend this breed to anyone who has cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, or other small furry creatures. Weimaraners are a true companion dog, and they really can’t emotionally handle being alone or separated from their owners for long stretches of time. If you’re away from home roughly 40 hours a week, that’s tolerable. But if you’re a workaholic who only jogs on the weekends, you might not be able to meet the emotional needs of this sensitive dog breed. 

An energetic Dalmatian is ready to play on the sandy seaside to show how Dalmatians are great exercise partners.


One of the most easily recognizable dog breeds around, the Dalmatian is a medium-sized, lean, white dog with black spots. Named after the region called Dalmatian in what is now Croatia, this dog was initially used as a hunting dog and soon after was used as a carriage dog. Carriage dogs jogged beside horse- and buggy-drawn carriages and guarded their owners property at night when they slept. The Dalmatian dog breed is rumored to have come into existence when the Great Dane was mixed with a blend of Pointer dogs, but this hasn’t been confirmed.  

Dalmatians have excellent stamina when running, making them a great dog breed choice for joggers. Some Dalmatian owners have described their dogs as having endless energy. And their working (dog) group instincts serve as a strong motivator to stick with you no matter how early or late you go out to exercise. This dog breed actually needs at least 2 hours of exercise a day, which is more than most of the high-energy dog breeds. If you want a trail blazing partner, if your hikes or jogs typically last for hours, or if you pepper long walks into your day before and after work, you can count on your Dalmatian to keep your pace every step of the way.

Dalmatians for Sale in Kansas City at Petland

Dalmatians are sensitive, affectionate dogs, yet they possess a lot of energy and can spring from resting to running in the blink of an eye. This is to say that just because your Dalmatian is napping on the couch doesn’t mean he won’t jump at the chance to join you for a jog. As long as your Dalmatian gets a hearty 2 hours of outdoor exercise per day, he will be a puddle of cuddles at home. Dalmatians are calm house-companions, and your Dalmatian may even loyally follow you around the home out of sheer love for your company! 

Dalmatians who are exposed to other pets when they are puppies will easily get along with those pets for life. That being said, we would caution you against introducing a new pet into the home of an adult Dalmatian, as the Dalmatian’s hunting instinct may kick in if a new furry creature suddenly appears in its territory. 

A running Border Collie has fun outside in a field.


Border Collies are small-to-medium sized dogs with long black and white hair. Their black and white fur pattern is distinct, making the Border Collie an easy to recognize purebred dog breed. Originally bred to herd cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock, amazingly the Border Collie is still used for this purpose today. Border Collies are the #1 choice among livestock farmers. This is because Border Collies love to work! They have stamina to herd outdoors for a solid 8 hours. They are gentle and naturally protective of the livestock that’s entrusted to their care. And best of all, this dog breed is so highly intelligent that in a matter of months it can learn an entire language of whistle and verbal commands in order to complete all of its owner’s commands. 

By now, you can probably imagine that the Border Collie is a great running partner, and that’s not all. This dog breed will not be fazed at all by a long-distance run that lasts for hours. Also, Border Collies are excellent, fast sprinters. So, if you ever want to hit the local track with your Border Collie for some friendly races, you’re in luck. Just don’t expect to beat your Border Collie! This breed can sprint as fast as 30 mph! 

Border Collies for Sale in Kansas City at Petland

One of the most interesting characteristics about the Border Collie dog breed is that it really is a working dog. Meaning, Border Collies that herd livestock will actually decline their owners’ offer to sleep inside the house. Typically, these dogs will sleep near their livestock and so their owners tend to build sheds for their dogs. But don’t worry, if you bring home a Border Collie puppy, he’s not going to reject your home! But he might try to herd you and your family and sleep in a strategic position to keep you safe while you’re tucked in your bedroom! 

Two fast Greyhounds sprint across a wheat field against a beautiful sky of fluffy clouds.


Known as the “sprinting couch potato” by its beloved owners, the Greyhound is an exercise addict who will never shy away from a good jog around the block with its favorite human friend. And when at home, the Greyhound shows zero signs of its high-energy breed characteristics, but rather lounges around like a couch potato! Whether you’re a city dweller or have a house in the suburbs, your Greyhound will be comfortable in close quarters at home, and jump at the chance to go for a neighborhood run whenever you do.

Greyhounds are sweet, good-natured dogs. They are gentle and companionable yet possess an independent spirit, which means they don’t mind being home alone. This dog breed forms a strong bond with its favorite person, and also makes for a good family dog. The lovable Greyhound purebred dog treats its family with noble respect and abundant affection. And this gentle breed is great with children thanks to its natural patience. 

Greyhounds for Sale in Kansas City at Petland

The Greyhound dog breed comes in many sizes. The Standard Greyhound is a medium-sized dog that’s ultra-lean. Then there’s the Whippet, a small-sized sub-breed. The smallest Greyhound is the Italian Greyhound. Some say Italian Greyhounds resemble a wingless prehistoric bird, but we’re not sure that’s a compliment. Nevertheless, Greyhounds are delicate, sensitive souls who make wonderful companion dogs and excellent exercise partners. 

We love to rave about the Greyhound and all its sizes. But we also need to emphasize the following. This dog breed enjoys sprinting, and won’t do as well during long-distance runs. Greyhounds also don’t need too much exercise per day. Going out for 30 minutes per day to walk, sprint, and otherwise play will be enough for your Greyhound. This makes Greyhounds the ideal dog breed for runners who like to sprint in short bursts. Take your Greyhound to an outdoor, dog friendly track, or around their neighborhoods!  

A Yellow Labrador Retriever splashes through a lake with a stick in its mouth to show how much fun retrieving can be in the water.


Last but certainly not least on our list of the best dog breeds for runners is the Labrador Retriever. Second only to the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever is a beloved family dog. Labs have been among the top dog breeds for first time dog owners for decades. And they’re also the #2 dog breed for families with children. Labrador Retrievers have high-energy. They’re very smart, super loyal, perfectly obedient, easy to train, and the list of virtues goes on and on.

Labrador Retrievers are medium-sized dogs with a friendly face and sturdy physique. They have short fur, and they come in one of three colors, either yellow, brown, or black. This breed is playful, intelligent, and eager to please. Originally bred to retrieve hunted game for its owner, the Labrador Retriever has a “soft mouth,” which means that it uses very little pressure to grip items between its teeth. Fun fact, dogs with “soft mouths” can also be trusted not to use aggression nor biting when threatened.

The one caveat with Labrador Retrievers is that their owners must provide them with adequate outdoor exercise to help them discharge all their energy. In certain instances, this can be a problem for people who want a mellow family dog, and don’t actually take their dog out for rigorous family activities and let their dog run around. That won’t be a problem for you, though, since you’re a runner!

Labrador Retrievers for Sale in Kansas City at Petland

The Labrador Retriever is one of the best jogging partners you can have, especially if you like to go for longer, medium-paced runs. This dog breed will be able to keep up with you easily, and thanks to its loyal, attentive personality, your Labrador Retriever won’t dash off and leave you in the dust. You will, however, quickly notice your Lab’s instincts blossom while you’re out jogging together. Your Lab will at times get ahead of you to make sure there’s no danger on the horizon and will also fall behind on purpose to make sure nothing nefarious is sneaking up! We guarantee your heart will melt as you experience the deep loyalty and sense of duty your Labrador Retriever will exhibit towards you, as he feels his job is to keep you safe. 

There you have Petland Kansas City’s recommendations for the best dog breeds for runners and joggers. If you’re near our Overland Park location in Kansas, feel free to stop in and meet the breeds. We have adorable puppies of every dog breed mentioned in this article, plus other puppy breeds you’ll fall in love with!   

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