7 Best Games To Play with Your Puppy

Playing with your cute and cuddly puppy is always a time for fun! Puppies are usually full of energy and eager to play with their favorite human. It can get pretty boring for you and your furry buddy to play the same game at every playtime session. Add a little spice to your routine by changing the type of games you play.

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At Petland, we recommend playing these 7 games with your puppy to keep each other happy and entertained:

  1. Hide and seek. Hide and seek is a fun game for puppies too! Your puppy will enjoy searching for you in every single room or spot in the house. Just make sure your pup sees you trying to hide away so they can chase after you. Your puppy will not be able to count so run quickly before they can see where you’ve hidden. 
  2. Fetch your toys. Use your fur-baby’s favorite toys to play fetch! By doing so, you avoid potential cuts and scratches to your furry friends mouth if you use a stick. Try changing up the height and distance each time you throw a toy, as this can help maintain your puppy’s focus and fitness. 
  3. The three cup game. This game serves as a fun mental exercise for your beautiful puppy! You will need three cups to play. Line the cups in front of your furry cutie, and make them watch you place a yummy treat under one. Encourage them to choose the correct cup with the treat. Once they do, give them many hugs and kisses. Do this a few more times until they get the hang of it. You can make it more challenging by mixing the cups around.
  4. The “which hand” game. This fun game is a great way to get your puppy some mental stimulation. It works just like the three cup game too! Just place your puppy’s favorite treat on one of your hands while your puppy watches. Close your fist and hold it out so that your puppy guesses which hand it’s in. Once you’ve done this a couple of times, challenge your puppy’s intelligence by switching your hands and making them choose again!
  5. Chase the toy. Simple yet fun, you can play this little game by tying a stuffed animal on a rope and walk around with it.. Puppies have natural predatory instincts that will kick in once they see the toy being dragged around the house. You can also spray the toy with a dog-friendly animal scent so your pup’s interest is instantly perked. 
  6. Play with water. Getting wet adds an extra layer of fun to any game. If you don’t mind your puppy getting wet for a few hours, try playing with water! You can chase your puppy around while the sprinklers are on or purchase a doggy swimming pool that you too can swim in.
  7. Scavenger hunts. Scavenger hunts with puppies is always lots of fun! Hide your puppy’s favorite yummy treats around your house or any other location you choose. Make sure they’re watching as you place their treats in each location. Once you’re done, encourage your pup to look for all their treats. It may take a few times before they understand how the game goes, but once they start sniffing, that’s when the game begins! 

New games can make playtime a more interesting experience. Remember that playtime is essential to building a friendship with your fur-baby and getting to know them. If playtime is fun for you and your puppy, you’ll be able to bond together in no time!

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