6 Tips To Protect Your Puppy This Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year to spend time with your four-legged best friend! Whether you’re taking long walks on the beach shore or enjoying outdoor activities, it’s important to use sunscreen, shades, and other protective measures against the sun on you and your puppy.

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Here are some ways you can help keep your puppy:

1. Never leave your house without water.

Whenever you decide to go on walks with your fur-baby, it’s important to keep a fresh, cool bottle of water for your puppy. A hot summer day can cause a young puppy to dehydrate quickly or suffer from heat stroke. You should also avoid spending too much time under the sun. Take breaks under shady areas and cool off after a short session outside.

2. Groom your puppy’s fur. 

Summer season is probably the best time for a new haircut. Your puppy’s undercoat may be part of their natural cooling system but it needs to be groomed and trimmed. Otherwise, it can prevent air from flowing across your pooch’s skin. You should not shave off or remove all of their coat since their skin can become sunburned. 

3. Give lots of cold treats to your pup!

Your puppy will definitely appreciate eating a frozen treat under the summer heat! It’s refreshing, tasty, and even entertaining for your adorable furry friend. Make sure the treats you give them are appropriate for puppies. You may try DIY options online or give your pup ice to chew on. 

4. Check the temperature outside.

Before heading outside, check the temperature to see how hot it is. If it’s too hot, then it’s best to just stay inside and exercise/play with your puppy. Try sticking to morning or evening walks if you’d rather go outside for activities. During these times, the weather isn’t too hot, which allows you and your puppy to go on longer walks or playtime sessions. 

5. Put pet-friendly sunblock on your puppy!

You may think a puppy’s fur will protect them from the sun, but sunburn is actually very common. Take extra precautions by asking your vet what sunscreen to use for your puppy. You should always apply dog friendly sunscreen (check the labels!) and place the cream on their nose, ears, belly, legs, and any other spot that’s exposed to the sun.

6. Make a small puppy swimming pool.

Purchase a small wading or kiddie pool for your pup, fill it up with cool water, and let your puppy swim and splash. This can help them stay cool and hydrated while outside and you can even join in on the fun! 

Remember to keep your puppy’s comfort and safety in mind when you’re outside. Common injuries like sunburns can be avoided if you take the necessary precautions. We hope this list helps you keep your puppy hydrated and cool enough so that they can be their cute and energetic selves! 

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