5 Golden Retriever Facts You Need To Know

One of the nation’s friendliest breeds, the Golden Retriever is a sweet and gentle dog that’s wonderful around families. They’re known for their infectious charisma and affectionate nature, especially with children.

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For Goldens, a perfect day involves an endless play session. Despite the popularity of Goldens, there are many cool facts that people may not know about them.

Want to test your knowledge on the Golden Retriever? Check out these 5 incredible facts about Golden Retrievers. We hope you learn a lot about these goofy and energetic pooches. 

1. Golden Retrievers come in 3 varieties.

You may think all Goldens look the same but take a closer look at the Golden in your life next time. Golden Retrievers have three distinctive coat colors—golden, light golden, and dark golden. To see these shades better, you will need to take your pooch out in the sunlight. 

There are also three different types of Golden Retrievers—English, Canadian, and American. English Golden Retrievers are bulkier than the other two types. Their coat is also typically light golden or white. Canadian and American Golden Retrievers are almost identical with one exception: Canadians have a thinner coat. 

2. Goldens are naturally athletic.

Don’t ever mistake a Golden Retriever as lazy or laidback. Goldens are strong athletes that need exercise to be happy, just like many other sporting breeds. They love to run, swim, go on long walks, and play with others. These furry cuties look lean but their bodies are packed with muscles, making it easy to enjoy strenuous activities. We recommend playing fetch with a Golden Retriever; it’s lots of fun! Goldens love using their powerful legs so they’ll definitely enjoy it. 

3. Golden Retrievers love to swim.

Many dogs aren’t too happy to be submerged in water. They might not like the feeling of being wet or it reminds them of puppy baths. Golden Retrievers are the exact opposite! They love water, and most especially, swimming. Their fondness for swimming is an inherent trait of Goldens. It’s common to see these pooches enjoy a quick swim in a lake to join in a water game.

4. Golden Retrievers crave their families.

Golden Retrievers are incredibly affectionate with everyone they meet. But nothing compares to their behavior around their loved ones. Goldens are devoted to their families. To them, their family members are part of their “pack,” and so, they become sad and anxious when left alone. Their friendly personalities also allow them to get along with many people and animals they meet.   

5. Goldens are super easy to train.

Golden Retrievers are commonly used in TV shows and movies. Why? They’re easily trainable and eager to please. They are super loyal towards their family, and this stops them from doing things their way. When it comes to training, we recommend using positive reinforcement methods, like treats and praises, to make the process easier for your Golden Retriever. You should also socialize your Golden puppy as early as possible.  Early socialization will help your puppy grow used to other people.

Golden Retrievers are amazing, lovable dogs. They’re loving, friendly personalities makes them compatible with almost every family. They are quite energetic and a little clingy, but their goofy side will never fail to win you over. Any owner with a Golden Retriever knows that they have a beautiful, loyal furry friend by their side forever!

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