From rabbits to guinea pigs, Petland carries many different small pets that can fit your home life and personality. We give our rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small animals the same care and love as the other animals at our store. Our attentiveness and care allows these adorable pets to go to their new families in a healthy condition.

All of our cuddly animals are kept in an open environment that allows you to pet, play, and socialize as long as they are handled with care. Our small animals are well-socialized while at our stores, which gives you the chance to choose the right pet based on your personality. We also make sure our small animals come from caring breeders that uphold the quality values and standards in animal care and breeding.

When it comes to animal care at home, we have all of you and your small animal covered! We offer countless quality pet supplies so you can take good care of your small pet. Our cages and habitats are particularly spacious and cozy, making it easy for your small pet to live in.

They’re also very easy to clean! We also have awesome toys, treats, and healthy foods for your small animal to grow strong. Other pet essentials we have at our store for your small animal include water dispensers, food bowls/dispensers, grooming supplies, and much more.

You can also ask our Pet Counselors for information on each of our cuddly small pets and how to care for them. Whether your new furry friend is a rabbit, guinea pig, or ferret, our Pet Counselors will always be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We’re proud to say that our Pet Counselors are very knowledgeable about the best animal care for all small pets in our store. We encourage you to research our pets and visit our store to see which one of our beautiful animals is the right companion for you!

Small animals as “starter pets”

Small animals are generally seen as “starter pets” for families with young children or those in need of a low-maintenance pet. In many ways, this rings true for many small animals, who may only need food, water, and caging to live a comfortable life.

Caring for small animals, however, is no different than caring for a puppy or kitten. Small animals need the same love and affection from their forever families, which is why we encourage socialization in our little guys to help them become better companions at home!