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Not sure which pet is the right one for you? Want to know which puppy supplies to get for your cuddly buddy? We can definitely help you! Whether it’s training exercises, common puppy behaviors, or yummy DIY treats, our blog has all you need for the best pet care you can give to your cuddly friend. You can also check our adorable puppies out in action and spreading joy around the community.

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Best Dog Breeds for Runners

Jogging is great exercise. For many of us, it can be far easier to work out with a buddy than to go alone. But what if your circle of friends and family doesn’t include an avid jogging enthusiast? Have you considered getting a furry friend who would love to be your running partner? Dog breeds […]

Labrador Retriever

What is a “Teddy Bear” Dog?

Fluffy, tiny, and true to their name, the Teddy Bear dog breed is a hybrid of two purebred breeds, the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise. Though neither of these parent dogs look like the classic teddy bear toy, when combined to make a designer dog, their offspring perfectly captures the beloved stuffed animal. In […]

Teddy Bear

Basset Hound: A Puppy You’ll Forever Love

Large soulful eyes, a humble spirit, and quiet confidence best describe the Basset Hound dog breed. If you’re looking for a purebred dog that’s calm, low-key, and inquisitive, the Basset Hound is one of the best dog breeds for families with children. This friendly, non-territorial dog is sure to melt hearts and be a puppy […]

Basset Hound

Top 7 Dog Breeds for Introverts 

Introverts aren’t hermits, but they do need their down time to recharge, especially after being social.  But just because an introvert needs a break from people doesn’t mean they need to be completely alone.  In fact, snuggling and petting a furry friend can help introverts regain their energy even faster.  Read on to learn about […]

Basset Hound
golden retriever
Great Dane
Labrador Retriever
Shiba Inu

Bull Mastiff: A Puppy You’ll Forever Love

A mix of the purebred Bulldog and purebred English Mastiff, the Bullmastiff is a loyal, brave, and affectionate dog breed. In this article, you’ll learn every reason there is to take home and love a purebred Bullmastiff puppy!   HISTORY This breed came onto the scene in the mid 19th century as a response to a […]

English Bulldog
English Mastiff

Jack Russell Terrier: A Puppy You’ll Forever Love

Energetic, inquisitive, and caring, the Jack Russell Terrier is a puppy you’ll love forever. This small-sized breed has a larger than life personality thanks to the “terrier” dog group it belongs to. Terriers are known for their feisty and energetic nature. And the Jack Russell Terrier certainly fits that description. In this blog, you’ll learn […]

Jack Russell Terrier

10 Short Haired Dog Breeds for Low Maintenance Grooming

The bathing, brushing, and grooming needs of dogs can vary greatly depending on the breed.  Is it fair to say that as a general rule of thumb short-haired dog breeds require less grooming?  Find out in this article that lists the 10 short haired dog breeds that require the lowest maintenance for grooming.  Breed Characteristics […]

short hair dogs

How to Introduce Your Puppy to the Dog Park

Your puppy’s first trip to the dog park is a huge experience that will surely cause your pup’s excitement to shoot through the roof!  If your puppy has never before encountered or played with other dogs, then the trip could become overwhelming. Without the right preparation, in fact, your puppy may not enjoy the outing, […]


8 Best Dog Breeds for Cuddling

All dogs make great companions, but some dog breeds happen to be more snuggly than the rest. If you love cuddling, cozying up, and enjoying the warm, fluffy, companionship of a by-your-side cuddle buddy, then this article is for you! Petting a dog can lower stress and increase overall serenity. Read on to discover the […]

Bichon Frise
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
golden retriever
Pembroke Welsh Corig