7 Most Dad-Like Dog Breeds for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you’re a dog lover like us, you may have noticed how many similarities dogs and dads have with each other. In fact, dogs may just be the most dad-like pets in the world, especially with their guarding instincts and loyalty to their loved ones.

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Check out our list of 7 dog breeds that are protective, affectionate, and goofy—just like dad!

1. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever shares the signature fatherly traits that are found in many dads. Along with possessing a laidback personality, Goldens are also energetic and ready to have fun. They are also great with children, regardless of their age, and are known to be fiercely protective over their family members. Goldens can also be pretty goofy, still having a puppy-like nature even as adults—like a lot of dads! It’s these qualities that make them popular among dog owners and the most dad-like dog on this list.

2. German Shepherd

Often sporting a serious expression, the German Shepherd can look like a stern father. Thanks to their strong protective instincts and gentle nature, German Shepherds are dad-like in more ways than being serious. They can be pretty quiet dogs at times, but when you’re least expecting it, they will show off their goofy side. One of the most defining traits of the German Shepherd is their confidence and intelligence, which makes them excellent family pets. We think those are very dad-like characteristics!

3. Boxer

Outgoing and playful, The Boxer is dad-like in the way it’s always in need of company, especially with loved ones. Their upbeat, energetic nature also means they need lots of exercise and activity to feel great, much like Dads who love working on something constantly. Boxers are also natural watchdogs, and make no mistake, they take protecting their families very seriously, sounding very much like your typical dad!

4. Great Dane

The mighty and majestic Great Dane is another dog breed that has that dad-like look. Apart from being physically large—about 32 inches tall at the shoulder—Great Danes carry themselves with an aura of dominance and confidence. They are also known for being incredibly smart, brave, and patient. Another dad-like trait is how dependable the Great Danes are; you can count on them to be a lifelong loyal companion, reminding us a lot of dads!

5. Dachshund

The spunkiness of the Dachshund fuels their desire to be around their family members at all times. We mean it when we say Dachshunds love their families so much; they hate being alone! Their love for their families mirrors the love many dads have for their own loved ones. These adorable little dogs are also great watchdogs, and will alert you to any potential threat coming near your home. They can also be very charming and a little stubborn, which may sound familiar to some of our readers!

6. Labrador Retriever

Known for its calm and friendly demeanor, the Labrador Retriever possesses the perfect batch of fatherly traits that make them popular among dog lovers. In fact, Labs are quite famous for being friendly. They also don’t take themselves seriously, like many dads out there, and can socialize with humans and other pets. Labs are so gentle and easygoing that they’re often mistaken for being low energy. These loveable pooches need exercise and activity to keep their bodies fit. Like many dads, they’re helpful, obedient, and great friends!

7. Giant Schnauzer

With their long beards and eyebrows, the Giant Schnauzer, like their standard and miniature counterparts, has a permanent wise expression on their face. Their dad-like qualities come in the form of alertness, intelligence, and enthusiasm for life. Schnauzers are known for being excellent guard dogs, and this rings true for the Giant Schnauzer. Their strong guarding instincts and loyalty to their loved ones means you will never need to worry much about a house intruder. They can also be serious when necessary—which sounds like a true dad-like trait to us.

Dogs are generally dad-like animals. Once a dog has bonded with their families, they will go above and beyond to please and protect them from all danger. If you’re looking for a breed that your dad will love or enjoy reading about which breed your dad shares personalities with, we hope that our list has provided some insight!

We wish you and your Dad a Happy Father’s Day!

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