5 Useful Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

Many puppy parents mistake training as the 4 basic commands, such as sit, lay down, come, and stay. They may not think it’s worth teaching their furry friends other fun tricks.

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Petland Kansas picture of  a cute Golden Retriever puppy sitting on the floor.

We at Petland Kansas recommend training your puppy to learn as many cool tricks as you can. It not only helps you build a stronger bond with your furbaby, it also stimulates them mentally. 

Here are 5 easy and beneficial tricks you can teach your four-legged buddy:

1. Kiss

You may get “kissed” by your furbaby, but did you know you can train them to kiss you on command? It’s pretty simple, and only requires a yummy treat. Place the treat on your cheek, making sure your puppy is watching. Say “kiss” a few times before giving them the treat. Remember to be consistent so your puppy remembers the command.

2. Bark on Command

If your puppy has a barking habit, training them to bark on command can solve it! Use the commands “speak” and “quiet” so that you have complete control. You will need to be patient and wait until your puppy barks so you can start training these commands. Use positive reinforcement like treats and praises to help make training easier.

3. Shake Paws

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a puppy shake paws with their owners. It’s an easy trick to teach your puppy, only needing short and quick training sessions. Keep some yummy treats in a closed fist near your puppy’s face. Be sure your puppy knows the treats are in your hand. They may start to paw at your hands. If so, say “shake” a few times during a short session. Repeat this several times throughout the day. Eventually, they will learn how to “shake hands” with you and any guests you may have at your home! 

4. Roll Over

“Roll over” is an old yet fun trick to teach your puppy. You may think it’s a difficult trick for puppies to learn but it’s actually easy with enough training sessions. To train your puppy to roll over, it’s best to start with teaching them to roll sideways in small parts. Eventually, you can teach them to roll over all the way. Again, consistency and repetition are important, especially with this trick. Once your puppy learns to roll over, they can definitely be taught to perform the next one!

5. Play Dead

A popular trick among puppy parents, the “play dead” trick is a fun little trick to teach your pup. When you’ve taught your puppy how to roll over, this trick becomes easier to train. While your puppy lays on the floor on their back, just say “play dead” repeatedly. Give them a treat once they start performing this trick on cue. Once they know this trick, we guarantee that your guests will be amused!

Training your four-legged friend is hard, but hardly impossible. Always be consistent and positive during training. Scolding or using harsh methods will only cause your pup to become aloof or sensitive. Have fun and keep in mind that you’re bonding with your puppy!

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