5 Dog Breeds That Love Barking

Some dogs are calm and quiet. Other dogs love to make as much noise as possible. What’s the reason for all the commotion? Well, many of these noisy breeds bark to alert you of potential threats and other happenings around your home. They usually make an excellent watch and guard dogs, giving your home an extra sense of security.

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Unfortunately, constant barking behavior can get annoying for you and your neighbors. And while it’s true that you can train a puppy to stop barking, it may take many training sessions before your cuddly friend gets the hint. If you aren’t too excited about bringing a talkative puppy home, make sure your dream breed isn’t noisy. 

Here are 5 dogs that are known for their tendency to talk. These breeds may not have the loudest or deepest barks, but that doesn’t stop them from woofing their hearts away. 

1. Beagle

Beagles are not only cuddly and charming little fellows; they also love to woof! Don’t take a Beagle’s barking behavior as a sign of aggression—these dogs are very fond of children due to their playful nature. They love showing off their excitement through their barks, woofs, and howls. You can even take their barks as an invitation to play with them. With these furry cuties, it’s hard to keep them quiet, no matter how much you’ve trained them!

2. Yorkshire Terrier

A small yet spunky dog, Yorkshire Terriers (or Yorkies, for short) often boast a “big-dog” personality, barking at any strangers they come across. Their tiny stature means nothing to them; they are fearless and will let you know what’s wrong. Yorkies are a bit territorial so barking is their way of protecting their homes and loved ones. Even with training, you will find that you can’t take the bark out of the Yorkie!

3. Chihuahua

Have you ever met a feistier dog than a Chihuahua? Probably not. Chihuahuas are affectionate and loyal dogs to the special people in their lives. If you’re not on that list, do not expect a warm welcome from this breed. Don’t take it personally, however—Chihuahuas are sensitive and wary of strangers so they bark to protect themselves and their family. Their barking habit makes them incredibly watchdogs but may take their job too seriously. You may or may not have happy neighbors with an enthusiastic Chihuahua!

4. Miniature Schnauzer

Due to their natural guarding instincts, Miniature Schnauzers love to bark at anyone or anything they aren’t familiar with. These cuddly pooches are intelligent, and you can reduce their barking habit to an extent. However, their protective nature is a set trait so you will need to redirect their woofing toward strangers, not guests. If you’re looking for a good guard dog, a Mini Schnauzer is a perfect fit.

5. West Highland Terrier

The West Highland Terrier is a smart, fun-loving pooch that likes to bark when they’re bored. You will need to engage these beautiful dogs with consistent activity. Otherwise, they may follow around the house while whining and barking. Because of their high intelligence, you may also need to switch up your training techniques so your Westie pays attention. The alert and tough personality of a West Highland Terrier also makes them great watchdogs.

Even if barking isn’t something that matters to you, showing a little courtesy to your neighbors and guests goes a long way. You may need to spend some time training your puppy to train this habit away. With enough patience and practice, your puppy will learn when barking is appropriate and when it isn’t!

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